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What a Record Producer Does for a Musician or Band

For aspiring independent artists with a home based vocal booth and recording set up it is difficult to understand what a record producer does for their music.  Simply put their job is to make a musician or band’s album the best it can be and to also make it palatable to the target audience.  Musicians undeniably have musical talent, the job of record producers is to fine tune the sound of a recording artist or better coordinate a band to produce music for an album with the best possible sound.

Too Close to the Forest to See the Trees

Musicians, bands and recording artists have a general idea of what their sound should be.  Often time people see what they want to see in the mirror and this is only natural, an artist that has no belief in their own music is not going to succeed.  However this also creates an inherent problem, when an artist or band comes up with material that they believe is good but is completely unmarketable and not popular it can backfire on their image and counter intuitively effect what they believe to be good music.  A record producer specializes in balancing the artist’s or band’s ideas with what the listeners and fans want to hear.  Everything from the release date, promotions, and picking of singles is highly influenced by record producers which can make the difference between bling and bust.  The best records ever produced could not have ever been released in their format without the help of record producers.

Politics and Marketing

The record producer is also responsible for talking to the record label and the other executives on funding for the recording artists and how to market the album.  They act as the medium between a recording artist and major record labels which will produce their music.  Launch dates, number of units to be released, promotional touring, radio spots, interview, singles and music videos are often under the discretion of record producers.  This is why if an artist or band wants to go from locally known to globally sell they have to consult with a good record producer to cut their album and make the best out of their work.  It is also the job of a record producer to make sure all the songs on a record fit with the theme of the overall collection.  It is also at their discretion to omit certain tracks or change songs or compromise with certain lyrics that an artist may want to release but will be commercially unviable.

How to Find a Good Record Producer

Consulting with record producers can make or break an album and for this fact recording artists source the best in the industry to coordinate with their new projects.  It is difficult to find record producers that walk the thin line between marketability and original sound, meaning those who can alter a musician’s music just enough that it is that much better without completely changing the sound.  Finding a good record producer is extremely important especially if the artist or band wants to have the best possible record released.

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