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The Importance of Having the Right Contacts in the Music Industry

Contrary to popular belief the most successful recording artists of our time did not gain their way into stardom from raw talent alone mostly it’s about who you know, by having the right record label contacts, stardom is only a phone call or email away.  Music publishing companies are known to pick up talent wherever they can find it and in the most efficient way possible.  Although there are still talent scouts that go out and check local gigs for new talent, this practice is now dwindling due to the cost of putting an a&r manager on ground level.  The cost of travel alone and the fact that the talent scout may not find anything dissuades most music publishing companies from putting too many feet on the ground. 

The Digital Age

An a&r manager no longer needs to travel great distances just to see if a certain artist is good enough or not, with the highly connected information age we live in they can easily contact artists via email.  This also makes it easier for aspiring musicians to contact an A&R and with the right music agent email addresses an artist could get signed into one of the major music publishing companies.  The only problem here is getting the right music contacts & emails.  The normal corporate in boxes an aspiring artist will see on the corporate website is not an ideal way of getting a foot in the door of music publishing companies. What is necessary is getting private music industry contacts emails which are actually used by the producers and A&R’s rather than some assistant.


Gone are the days when a travelling a&r music enthusiast would find an excellent jazz artist in the subway and be impressed enough to bring him back to the studio to record a demo tape.  Nowadays it is necessary to bring one’s self to the music publishing companies to expose their music to a music producer through music Agents emails.  Getting these email addresses and contact information is very difficult and often means that a musician must know the producers or executives directly or at least know someone who is close to them.  Not just anyone can email Sony A&R agents and getting a contact list of the shakers and the movers of the music industry is a great help to those who want to become successful musicians.  If a musician has email contacts for the major music publishing companies it is extremely easy to send a demo tape via email and get it processed extremely quickly.  It is only when an artist gets the approval of an a&r manager that an actual meeting will take place for a live demo or some studio time. 

Music publishing companies and their associates are extremely busy people therefore having the right contact information gives an aspiring artist an edge on the rest of the competition due to the ability that one has the right email addresses to directly communicate with the important people in the music industry

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