How to Get Signed to a Record Label

How to Get Signed to a Record Label

For most aspiring musicians their ultimate goal is to be signed onto a major record label, being an amateur is only good for so long until the allure of professional success gets the best of them.  Locally known artists that play gigs can be found by a&r music scouts that can bring them before record executives to get national and even international exposure.  The possibility of becoming an international success is often times the ultimate goal of musicians as it will allow the largest audience to experience their music while making a living doing what they love the most.

The Different Routes to Stardom

Although there are many examples of artists being signed by a&r music scouts these occurrences are actually few and far between.  To be signed by a record label from being found at a gig by a talent scout is extremely rare in fact the large majority of artists that make it onto a record label roster are walk ins and those who have the proper contacts.  Even if a musician is extremely talented and a success in the local scene, without the proper contacts they will not be discovered or signed by a major record label.  The days of roving talent scouts combing local venues is gone, although it was already quite rare in the past today getting signed by an a&r music scout from a gig has the same chances at getting struck by lightning and winning the lottery at the same time.

The Most Efficient Way     

In the digital age that we live in today there really is no need for talent scouts to be sent to seedy venues where they could find a good local musician (or a stabbing), it is more cost effective for them to allow the possible candidates to come to them.  But before meeting these probable candidates in person they trim who is worthy and who is not by sifting through emails that aspiring musicians send in with their demo tapes attached.  The best of these are then contacted via email and some sort of meeting can be arranged to see how the live performance and studio affinity of the aspiring artist are.  Hundreds if not thousands of aspiring musicians email their demo tapes in which makes the chances of being selected slim to none even if one has good music skills.  This is because a&r managers and other record executives usually do not sift through these emails

Getting Noticed

To get an aspiring musician’s music noticed by music publishing companies it is necessary to have music agents’ emails and other record label contacts.  These contacts should be personal music industry contacts & emails so an aspiring artist can get past the process of having to get an email out and being judged by the wrong people alongside thousands of others.  The tricky bit is getting the contact information because these are not advertised on websites and one must be a close friend or associate of the record executives to get this information.

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