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How to Get a Hold of an A&R Manager

Today with all of the digitalization in the world more and more people try to contact each other each day, this includes a major record label a&r manager who has to process many different emails and calls from a slew of different contacts.  Most music publishing companies provide the contact information of their A&R’s on their websites and on other media, but the truth of the matter is these emails usually never get seen by the actual A&R, usually a secretary, assistant or intern is tasked with this job.  With all of the emails they get an aspiring artist has little to no chance getting into the music industry via the regular contact details found on the company website.  In order to succeed in the music industry an aspiring artist must get private music agent emails so they can personally contact them and expose their music to these agents.

Why Contacts are so Important

Having a single music agent email address is not enough to get into the music industry. To get the attention of music publishing companies it is necessary to have multiple music contacts & emails.  This is not just for the possibility that one might want to sign an aspiring musician up for a contract.  What this does is if multiple record label contacts start talking about a single artist they may start to deal amongst themselves as to who should get the aspiring artist.  In this scenario a talented musician will have the music publishing companies haggling over who gets the deal further solidifying the presence of an aspiring new artist in the music industry.

Getting Music Contacts and Email Addresses

Getting private music agents emails is a tricky task for average off the streets aspiring musicians.  It often means that an artist has to be close friends with these music company executives or must have other affiliations.  Unless someone is well connected in the music industry it is nearly impossible to get record label contacts, the private ones that is.  It is important to emphasize private email here, because for the most part other people read and perhaps even answer the emails that are sent to the corporate inboxes.  Getting the attention of a music producer and music publishing companies is paramount for an aspiring musician who wants to make it big in the music industry and the days of the roving a&r manager signing talent that they found at a gig are over, it is now necessary to bring one’s self to their doorstep in order to get signed.  This is not because record executives have become lackadaisical or lazy, this is because today's record executives are extremely busy people managing many multimillion dollar accounts and going from recording studio to recording studio to check on their stable of artists.

Having a list of music contacts & emails is not only an upper hand these days; it is a necessary tool for any aspiring musician to get signed onto a major record label.

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