Getting Signed By Major Record Label

Getting Signed to a Major Record Label in the 21st Century

Getting signed to a major record label is a difficult task, not only does it take tremendous amounts of talent, it also requires an artist to have good connections with high rollers in the music industry.  For the most part musicians are signed for who they know and not for their raw talent.  In this digital age music editing software is so advanced that raw talent is no longer the selling point, marketability is.  To become a successful musician in today’s music industry they have to bring more to the plate than musical talent, they must have the charisma and personality that are marketable to the music market.

Getting a Foot in the Door

To get a chance to become a successful musician under a major record label one has to be noticed by the record publishing companies. The fairy tale stories of an a&r music scout finding and signing the next musical star at a gig are now long gone.  Today for a musician to be noticed by a record company they must be the ones to contact an a&r manager.  Now the natural thought process of any aspiring musician would be to go to one of the major record label websites and look up the contact information.  The problem with this plan is thousands of aspiring musicians use these email addresses and phone numbers.  If a musician sends an email and a demo tape to one of these emails they will be treated like a number.  Thousands of emails flood these in boxes and they aren’t usually checked by the record executives themselves. The task of sifting through the thousands of emails is usually relegated to assistants, secretaries and interns.  These people are the ones who sift through all these emails and check the demos that are attached.  With the sheer number of emails they go through they may select only handfuls, a lot of the ones that are denied have potential but just from the logistical point of view they get the ax.

Getting Real Results

To actually get the attention of a record producer or other individuals involved in music publishing companies it is necessary to contact them through direct means.  This means sending them an email or other pertinent information that they themselves will access.  This increases the chances of being selected due to the fact that less people email these addresses.  The tricky bit is getting a hold of this contact information.  This is because to get personal music agent emails means that one is associated in some form with the music publishing companies or other members of the inner circle of producers and A&R’s.  It is very important to have a music agent contacts & emails to be recognized and signed in the music industry without having the proper contact information it may be impossible to get signed.

The importance of contact information of members of the music industry cannot be reiterated enough, if an artist is truly pursuing a professional career with a major record label they must get a hold of private contact details if they really want to be signed.

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