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Getting Signed to a Major Record Label in the 21st Century

Getting signed to a major record label is a difficult task, not only does it take tremendous amounts of talent, it also requires an artist to have good connections with high rollers in the music industry.  For the most part musicians are signed for who they know and not for their raw talent.  In this digital age music editing software is so advanced that raw talent is no longer the selling point, marketability is.  To become a successful musician in today’s music industry they have to bring more to the plate than musical talent, they must have the charisma and personality that are marketable to the music market.

Getting a Foot in the Door

To get a chance to become a successful musician under a major record label one has to be noticed by the record publishing companies. The fairy tale stories of an a&r music scout finding and signing the next musical star at a gig are now long gone.  Today for a musician to be noticed by a record company they must be the ones to contact an a&r manager.  Now the natural thought process of any aspiring musician would be to go to one of the major record label websites and look up the contact information.  The problem with this plan is thousands of aspiring musicians use these email addresses and phone numbers.  If a musician sends an email and a demo tape to one of these emails they will be treated like a number.  Thousands of emails flood these in boxes and they aren’t usually checked by the record executives themselves. The task of sifting through the thousands of emails is usually relegated to assistants, secretaries and interns.  These people are the ones who sift through all these emails and check the demos that are attached.  With the sheer number of emails they go through they may select only handfuls, a lot of the ones that are denied have potential but just from the logistical point of view they get the ax.

Getting Real Results

To actually get the attention of a record producer or other individuals involved in music publishing companies it is necessary to contact them through direct means.  This means sending them an email or other pertinent information that they themselves will access.  This increases the chances of being selected due to the fact that less people email these addresses.  The tricky bit is getting a hold of this contact information.  This is because to get personal music agent emails means that one is associated in some form with the music publishing companies or other members of the inner circle of producers and A&R’s.  It is very important to have a music agent contacts & emails to be recognized and signed in the music industry without having the proper contact information it may be impossible to get signed.

The importance of contact information of members of the music industry cannot be reiterated enough, if an artist is truly pursuing a professional career with a major record label they must get a hold of private contact details if they really want to be signed.

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How to Get a Hold of an A&R Manager

Today with all of the digitalization in the world more and more people try to contact each other each day, this includes a major record label a&r manager who has to process many different emails and calls from a slew of different contacts.  Most music publishing companies provide the contact information of their A&R’s on their websites and on other media, but the truth of the matter is these emails usually never get seen by the actual A&R, usually a secretary, assistant or intern is tasked with this job.  With all of the emails they get an aspiring artist has little to no chance getting into the music industry via the regular contact details found on the company website.  In order to succeed in the music industry an aspiring artist must get private music agent emails so they can personally contact them and expose their music to these agents.

Why Contacts are so Important

Having a single music agent email address is not enough to get into the music industry. To get the attention of music publishing companies it is necessary to have multiple music contacts & emails.  This is not just for the possibility that one might want to sign an aspiring musician up for a contract.  What this does is if multiple record label contacts start talking about a single artist they may start to deal amongst themselves as to who should get the aspiring artist.  In this scenario a talented musician will have the music publishing companies haggling over who gets the deal further solidifying the presence of an aspiring new artist in the music industry.

Getting Music Contacts and Email Addresses

Getting private music agents emails is a tricky task for average off the streets aspiring musicians.  It often means that an artist has to be close friends with these music company executives or must have other affiliations.  Unless someone is well connected in the music industry it is nearly impossible to get record label contacts, the private ones that is.  It is important to emphasize private email here, because for the most part other people read and perhaps even answer the emails that are sent to the corporate inboxes.  Getting the attention of a music producer and music publishing companies is paramount for an aspiring musician who wants to make it big in the music industry and the days of the roving a&r manager signing talent that they found at a gig are over, it is now necessary to bring one’s self to their doorstep in order to get signed.  This is not because record executives have become lackadaisical or lazy, this is because today's record executives are extremely busy people managing many multimillion dollar accounts and going from recording studio to recording studio to check on their stable of artists.

Having a list of music contacts & emails is not only an upper hand these days; it is a necessary tool for any aspiring musician to get signed onto a major record label.

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How to Get Signed to a Record Label

For most aspiring musicians their ultimate goal is to be signed onto a major record label, being an amateur is only good for so long until the allure of professional success gets the best of them.  Locally known artists that play gigs can be found by a&r music scouts that can bring them before record executives to get national and even international exposure.  The possibility of becoming an international success is often times the ultimate goal of musicians as it will allow the largest audience to experience their music while making a living doing what they love the most.

The Different Routes to Stardom

Although there are many examples of artists being signed by a&r music scouts these occurrences are actually few and far between.  To be signed by a record label from being found at a gig by a talent scout is extremely rare in fact the large majority of artists that make it onto a record label roster are walk ins and those who have the proper contacts.  Even if a musician is extremely talented and a success in the local scene, without the proper contacts they will not be discovered or signed by a major record label.  The days of roving talent scouts combing local venues is gone, although it was already quite rare in the past today getting signed by an a&r music scout from a gig has the same chances at getting struck by lightning and winning the lottery at the same time.

The Most Efficient Way     

In the digital age that we live in today there really is no need for talent scouts to be sent to seedy venues where they could find a good local musician (or a stabbing), it is more cost effective for them to allow the possible candidates to come to them.  But before meeting these probable candidates in person they trim who is worthy and who is not by sifting through emails that aspiring musicians send in with their demo tapes attached.  The best of these are then contacted via email and some sort of meeting can be arranged to see how the live performance and studio affinity of the aspiring artist are.  Hundreds if not thousands of aspiring musicians email their demo tapes in which makes the chances of being selected slim to none even if one has good music skills.  This is because a&r managers and other record executives usually do not sift through these emails

Getting Noticed

To get an aspiring musician’s music noticed by music publishing companies it is necessary to have music agents’ emails and other record label contacts.  These contacts should be personal music industry contacts & emails so an aspiring artist can get past the process of having to get an email out and being judged by the wrong people alongside thousands of others.  The tricky bit is getting the contact information because these are not advertised on websites and one must be a close friend or associate of the record executives to get this information.

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The Importance of Having the Right Contacts in the Music Industry

Contrary to popular belief the most successful recording artists of our time did not gain their way into stardom from raw talent alone mostly it’s about who you know, by having the right record label contacts, stardom is only a phone call or email away.  Music publishing companies are known to pick up talent wherever they can find it and in the most efficient way possible.  Although there are still talent scouts that go out and check local gigs for new talent, this practice is now dwindling due to the cost of putting an a&r manager on ground level.  The cost of travel alone and the fact that the talent scout may not find anything dissuades most music publishing companies from putting too many feet on the ground. 

The Digital Age

An a&r manager no longer needs to travel great distances just to see if a certain artist is good enough or not, with the highly connected information age we live in they can easily contact artists via email.  This also makes it easier for aspiring musicians to contact an A&R and with the right music agent email addresses an artist could get signed into one of the major music publishing companies.  The only problem here is getting the right music contacts & emails.  The normal corporate in boxes an aspiring artist will see on the corporate website is not an ideal way of getting a foot in the door of music publishing companies. What is necessary is getting private music industry contacts emails which are actually used by the producers and A&R’s rather than some assistant.


Gone are the days when a travelling a&r music enthusiast would find an excellent jazz artist in the subway and be impressed enough to bring him back to the studio to record a demo tape.  Nowadays it is necessary to bring one’s self to the music publishing companies to expose their music to a music producer through music Agents emails.  Getting these email addresses and contact information is very difficult and often means that a musician must know the producers or executives directly or at least know someone who is close to them.  Not just anyone can email Sony A&R agents and getting a contact list of the shakers and the movers of the music industry is a great help to those who want to become successful musicians.  If a musician has email contacts for the major music publishing companies it is extremely easy to send a demo tape via email and get it processed extremely quickly.  It is only when an artist gets the approval of an a&r manager that an actual meeting will take place for a live demo or some studio time. 

Music publishing companies and their associates are extremely busy people therefore having the right contact information gives an aspiring artist an edge on the rest of the competition due to the ability that one has the right email addresses to directly communicate with the important people in the music industry

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What a Record Producer Does for a Musician or Band

For aspiring independent artists with a home based vocal booth and recording set up it is difficult to understand what a record producer does for their music.  Simply put their job is to make a musician or band’s album the best it can be and to also make it palatable to the target audience.  Musicians undeniably have musical talent, the job of record producers is to fine tune the sound of a recording artist or better coordinate a band to produce music for an album with the best possible sound.

Too Close to the Forest to See the Trees

Musicians, bands and recording artists have a general idea of what their sound should be.  Often time people see what they want to see in the mirror and this is only natural, an artist that has no belief in their own music is not going to succeed.  However this also creates an inherent problem, when an artist or band comes up with material that they believe is good but is completely unmarketable and not popular it can backfire on their image and counter intuitively effect what they believe to be good music.  A record producer specializes in balancing the artist’s or band’s ideas with what the listeners and fans want to hear.  Everything from the release date, promotions, and picking of singles is highly influenced by record producers which can make the difference between bling and bust.  The best records ever produced could not have ever been released in their format without the help of record producers.

Politics and Marketing

The record producer is also responsible for talking to the record label and the other executives on funding for the recording artists and how to market the album.  They act as the medium between a recording artist and major record labels which will produce their music.  Launch dates, number of units to be released, promotional touring, radio spots, interview, singles and music videos are often under the discretion of record producers.  This is why if an artist or band wants to go from locally known to globally sell they have to consult with a good record producer to cut their album and make the best out of their work.  It is also the job of a record producer to make sure all the songs on a record fit with the theme of the overall collection.  It is also at their discretion to omit certain tracks or change songs or compromise with certain lyrics that an artist may want to release but will be commercially unviable.

How to Find a Good Record Producer

Consulting with record producers can make or break an album and for this fact recording artists source the best in the industry to coordinate with their new projects.  It is difficult to find record producers that walk the thin line between marketability and original sound, meaning those who can alter a musician’s music just enough that it is that much better without completely changing the sound.  Finding a good record producer is extremely important especially if the artist or band wants to have the best possible record released.

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