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What is a Music Publishing Company ?

A music publishing company gets the rights to songs from composers, lyricists and songwriters and they have control over five different rights which include; public performance rights. They will collect all royalties on your behalf for live public performances in places such as retail stores, discos, and hotels and nightclubs among others that will make use of your music so as to get better business as well as television and radio.

Mechanical rights

These refer to the rights one has to reproduce music using any mechanical means. One needs permission so as to reproduce mechanically work that has been licensed. A music publishing company gives this license to those who request it.

Synchronization Rights

These involve the giving of a license to television or film producers who are interested in using your work as source or background music in commercial advertising or other productions.

Print Rights

These involve the actual printing of all copyrights then having inventories in varying versions on the basis of instrumentation. This is a bit rare today but there are still a number of music publishers who make use of them.

Digital Print Rights

These involve the developing of digital versions of your music and selling them on the internet. A music publishing company is very vital when it comes to ensuring that your rights as an artist are well preserved and protected out there in the market and also to get you all that you deserve in terms of royalties and proceeds. We are well aware of their important role and this is why we are here to ensure that you get the best of the best available out there. Our contact list includes companies that are well reputable and have worked with numerous artists and have done an excellent job in ensuring that they are ‘well kept’, so to say, in the music industry. We would really encourage you to contact a number of the companies available in our contact list and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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