How Do I Get Signed To A Record Label

What is an A&R ?

A&R stands for Artists and Repertoire in the music industry. Almost each and every record label worldwide has a department for A&R music. The job of an A&R encompasses a number of various tasks. Their first task is to scout for talent. Their second task is to pitch the artist to their Label and develop & promot the Artist. The true Artist will always have music as their main thing in life. If you have a good style & sound, it would be highly advisable for you to really try and contact an A&R Agent who might be able to help your music career and assist you in developing it.

All in all, an A&R Agent can really help your Music career once he / she signs you up. A&R that work in the Major Record Labels are always on the look out to try and find the next big hit.

If you are an aspiring artist then you would know that the music industry is a very tough Industry. In the event that you can bring in an attractive sound, lyrics or anything of that sort, you should try to contact the A&R Agents on our lists. We assure you that we are well aware of how important an A&R Agent is to a person’s music career and this is the reason why we have done our best to ensure that we include only the best of the best in our contact list. The A&R Agents in our list are Agents who have worked with famous Artists & who can make it or break it for an Artist in the Music industry. They have been successful in helping quite a number of artists succeed in the music industry. If you are an Unsigned Artist, this is your chance to contact the biggest A&R Agents and make it big!

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