We are a group of Former Music Executives & over the years we have gathered much information and experience of the Music Industry. We know that there are many Musicians out there that don’t get the opportunity having their Music heard by Music Industry People. As a result, these Musicians miss out on many Great Opportunities of actually becoming Established Musicians. This is mainly due to the simple fact that Musicians do not have the right contacts in the Music Industry.

We believe that every Musician should at least get the opportunity of having their Music heard by the Music Industry People. That is why we have created and compiled these Contact Lists of the different Music Industry People. We know that these Music People are actively looking for Musicians to develop & promote. We also know that there is a serious shortage of Musicians in the U.S. and that this is a Golden opportunity for Musicians to get the exposure their Music so desperately needs.

The key for success is getting your Music exposed to as many Music People as possible. The more people you send your Music to, the bigger chances your Music will be heard & liked. Our Contact Lists vary and have different current contacts and are catered to the different Musicians out there. Your Music needs the right exposure & these Contacts will put you on the right path in achieving that. Success can be a click away!